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Get A Sneak Peek Of Juxtaposition Before Their Aca Live Debut

Ain't no party like an a cappella party, cause an a cappella party don't stop.

Sorry, I might have gotten carried away there. But it's hard not to when you're listening to Virginia Tech's Juxtaposition. The guys seem like they are the life of the party anywhere they go.

And it's evident in their cover of Timeflies' "Once In A While." By now you're aware that college a cappella, and well, mostly all other groups like pop music. But there's something special about this pop cover. It could possibly be the range on the lead that sounds mostly effortless. Or it could be the fluid rapping of the second soloist. Either way, this is a jam that you don't want to stop.

Enjoy this sneak peak of the group before they take over our Facebook this Thursday night (2/9) for our second #AcaLive segment.