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Halloween Comes Early In This Terrifyingly Good UCD Lark Video

We can't resist a good theme video...and this just may be the best one yet!

Attention ALL acappella groups, both collegiate and everyone else...STEP YOUR GAME UP! In case you've been away from the circuit for the last few years, the all-female band Lark from UCD has been tearing up the a cappella scene. From performances at NACC to BOSS, the group has been redefining what it means to perform.

While covers can be impressive, Lark does more than just regurgitate songs, they transform them into a musical story line that flows from beginning to end with charisma and enchantment. And their newest video just may have topped anything they've done before.

In a somewhat creepy, yet fantastical delivery, Lark performs Melanie Martinez's "Mad Hatter." And while the music is stunning, so is every other detail about the video. From the doll inspired theme to the costumes, this video is on a whole 'nother level. Prepare to be amazed.