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Harvard LowKeys Dazzle With A Cappella Medley Of Aretha Franklin Hit Songs

There's no denying that this medley by the LowKeys is the perfect pick-me-up for your day.

That's right, the coed a cappella group from Harvard University has blessed us with a ferocious medley of Aretha Franklin songs and it is a soulful, show-stopping array of wonderful music that deserves to be heard.

The group brings their passionate vocals and an endless supply of personality to Franklin's "Natural Woman", "Ain't No Way" and "Respect" that will have you jumping out of your chair by the video's end declaring that vocally, the LowKeys have one stacked roster. Each tune boasts a reimagined arrangement that captures the essence of a time now gone, while also beautifully demonstrating the vocal and music characteristics of the modern time.

And each individual song is incredibly lead by a trio of great talent.
From Bobby Malley's superstar falsetto on "Natural Woman", to Emma Lanford's grit and masterful runs on "Ain't No Way", all the way to Samyra Miller's powerful delivery and presence, there is not a moment that won't move you.

Check out the group's "Aretha Franklin Medley" below and prepare to be in awe that such a thing has graced our ears.