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Hear 7Days A Cappella's Completely Flawless Cover Of "Leave Me Lonely"

7Days A Cappella has worked their way onto our list of groups to keep an eye out for. 

This group is going to be big! And we can only hope that their popularity grows to be as big as their cover of Ariana Grande's "Leave Me Lonely."

From the first refrain, the University of Minnesota group establishes their ability to command a stage with their robust sound, dripping with magnificent dynamics and a blend like no other. And the group doesn't stop there. Their inclusion of some seriously complex, dramatic and heavy  chords to the pounding of their stellar percussion keeps the listener entranced.

But let's talk about that solo! Why hasn't the a cappella community heard more about Phonsuda Chanthavisouk? The girl can flat out sing! It's not often that you witness so much power accompanied by such a light tone, but Chanthavisouk does it gracefully.
And she totally sells the Ariana Grande lead from beginning to end.

This is a type of performance that most groups only deliver once every few years, but I'm willing to bet that 7Days A Cappella makes this an all too common thing.

We'll be swooning over this video for the next few days!