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Hear Exeter's Illuminations Reimagine Simon And Garfunkel's "The Sound Of Silence" In New Video

Illuminations turn up the metal with Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence" in this brand new video recently released by the group.

The coed a cappella group from the University of Exeter have just debuted a new cover of the legendary folk rock song that's big on concept, hard-hitting vocals and energy. While the original track has plenty of heavy undertones, this creative cover goes even further into tugging on listener's emotions.

The group draws  inspiration from heavy metal band Disturbed's 2015 rendition of the hit song to deliver such a thrilling and compelling arrangement. While the first half of the song may feature more subdued vocals, it functions well in setting such a dark tone and establishing a starting point for dynamics to ramp up.

Each moment works magnificently builds up anticipation for the song's climax which comes around the 3:30 mark. It is here that the Illuminations transform into a vocal rock band with intense and electric, in-your-face singing. 

What is also impressive is the concept that the Illuminations are able to display through their visuals.
The portrayal of an individual descending into madness fits the theme of this project so well.

It's all so edgy and wonderfully awesome!