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Hear OwlCappella's Spirited Rendition Of Chance The Rapper's "All We Got"

Someone forgot to tell OwlCappella that church is normally held on Sunday.

The Temple University a cappella group has us feeling the musical spirit in a major way with their cover of Chance The Rapper's "All We Got." 

The song's infectious energy is felt in every swell, which is complimented by the group's well-developed blend. Even more, you can feel that each member is invested in the song's message and purpose as it shines through their delivery of the hip-hop track.

Furthermore, Greg Davis can absolutely flow with the best of them as OwlCappella's lead in this video. His rapping is flawless and only plays second fiddle to his own vocal riffs, which are gentle, effortless and unbelievable.

This is more or less an a cappella revival, and we're ready to hop on the train to wherever these guys are going.