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Hear The Oxford Gargoyles' Sultry, Live Rendition Of "I Fall In Love Too Easily"

If only it were possible to live in the beautiful space that music creates.

If it were possible, we'd want to live in the lush landscape that is this performance of Jule Styne's "I Fall In Love Too Easily" by The Oxford University Gargoyles. The coed a cappella group's new live video is undeniably soothing and touching as the Gargoyles display an array of multifaceted talents as they cover the popular jazz standard.

Whether it be the group's phenomenal accuracy in chord execution or their incredible balance, which is used brilliantly to convey every emotion from longing to serenity, there are so many exceptional qualities that show how skillful the Gargoyles are.

This is the other side of contemporary a cappella that should be seen. There are no elaborate effects, no colorful attire. Simply an incredible assortment of singers, gathered around mics, delivering chilling vocals that are profound and bewitching.

This is a live performance by a group of musicians who are immensely talented beyond their years!