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Higher Ground Displays The Power Of Raw Emotion In This Jessie J Cover

Sometimes in a cappella, you need the soloist to take the reins of the ship.

There's a neverending debate when it comes to music that features a vocalist: which is more important, the singer or the backing music? In most cases, they should be equal. Simply because they really do depend on each other to deliver the full effect. 

Now the above statement is your typical grade school answer. After years of singing with various groups I've learned a few things, and one important realization I've come to accept is that sometimes, one is more crucial than the other.

Take for instance this performance of Jessie J's "Who You Are" by Appalachian State's Higher Ground. The backing group is wonderful in their maintaining of a strong foundation for the song. At times the group is subtle, other times, they are compelling in their execution of reiterating the song's lyrics, as a follow-up to the lead. All very critical elements of the performance.

But what makes the song is the lead. A slightly more crucial role in this performance.
What's amazing to watch is the lead's dynamic transformation over the course of the song. The control of the lead is great to listen to as he delivers small amounts of his vocal abilities throughout the entire three minutes, eventually culminating into a showstopping big note by the very end. 

At times, this is what a cappella is all about, those big moments that leave you wanting more.