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#ICCA Spotlight: Amazin' Blue - Wildcard Champion

Who doesn't love a comeback story?

Yeah, that was a rhetorical question. Everyone does. And this spotlight centers on this year's ICCA comeback kids and Wildcard Champion.

Okay, the hyperbole may be a bit in excess here, but isn't that what the Wildcard spot is all about? Another chance at redemption?

The interesting part of the whole ordeal is that Amazin' Blue (of the University of Michigan) was not that far from being a semifinal champion. And this year they proved why they deserved to be among the elite with second place finishes at their respective Quarterfinal and Semifinal, capturing an "Outstanding Choreography" award along the way. 

But we're way above living in the past. What matters is that they are here now and from a lot of eyes, they have more to prove than any of the other competitors.
But, how does the old saying go? "Don't call it a comeback, they've been here this whole time." This rings true for Amazin' Blue in that, since their inception in the 80s, they've garnered 35 ICCA awards (okay, maybe we ventured back to the past for a quick sec).

Not sure where we can find statistics on any of the other groups, but something tells me that few of their competitors can boast these numbers. This group is coming to stake their claim at Finals and we can only imagine how fierce they'll be the second time around. If their most recent album and videos are any indicator...well, let's just say we have a real competition on our hands.

Check out your 2017 ICCA Wildcard Champion as they leave it all on the stage with Rihanna's "American Oxygen."