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#ICCA Spotlight: Furmata A Cappella - Northwest Champion

The ICCA Finals will in no way be lacking youthfulness nor energy come Saturday night. Well, I guess that's a given when you consider that all of the competitors are in college.

Well, let's come at it from a different angle. This year, the ICCA Finals will host the youngest collection (in terms of the group's founding year) than we've seen in quite a while. And this spotlight on the Northwest Champion features one of those groups who are part of that category.

Having been around for less than 10 years, Furmata A Cappella is in no way shying away from their shot at glory. Having advanced to their region's Semifinals last year, the group is hoping to seal the deal this year with a major win this weekend. If they succeed, they'll be the first group from the state of Washington to win it all. And just like all of the other competitors this year, they've got a really good shot to do it.

Their sound has a really warm and rich tone and might just be the group who can connect best with the audience on an emotional level, if the below video is any indicator of what to expect.
Watch them perform an extremely sincere and stirring rendition of The Rescues' "My Heart With You" and get excited for what they'll be showcasing at Finals.