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#ICCA Spotlight: The Trills - Mid-Atlantic Champion

The Towson Trills are on the road to making history!

Officially, they are the youngest competitors competing at this weekend's ICCA Finals. And with the roll they're on, they could quite possibly be the youngest group ever to win the entire competition.

Founded in the Fall of 2015, the group has wasted no time and becoming a perennial powerhouse on the a cappella scene. Even more incredible, the group only has 7 members. 

In just their first year of competition they have impressed judges enough to earn themselves a spot at the 2017 Finals as this year's Mid-Atlantic Champion. The group is on to something good, and whether or not they make it all the way to the top, this is a group we'll be talking about long past April.

Check out the performance chops in the below video as they deliver a fun rendition of "Rockin Robin."