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#ICCA Spotlight: Voices In Your Head - Great Lakes Champion

This coming Saturday, the top 10 groups from the 2017 ICCA Season lay it all on the line at ICCA Finals. 

The show will feature some new kids to the aca-scene as well as some seasoned veterans. And this year's Great Lakes Champions, Voices In Your Head are no strangers to the competition scene.

This will be the group's third appearance at an ICCA Finals in less than five years. That has to be a record. And they never disappoint. Whether it's adding innovation to their set (check out their 2012 ICCA set) or simply killing every solo, this is one group we're expecting to be in the Top 3.

While you wait for Saturday, check out the group's cover of "Hallelujah" below, which we can only describe as a spiritual experience.