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If Adele And Justin Bieber Ever Collaborated On A Song, It Might Sound As Awesome As This

Justin Beiber and Adele couldn't be further apart on the style spectrum as musicians. But we're totally digging the potential of what the two could be if they ever collaborated, based on this mashup by UNC's Cadence.

Now, I may get slack for this comment, but as a standalone song, Adele's "Hello" doesn't do much for me. It's always felt as if it were missing something. Now that I've heard Cadence's unique spin on it, I know what that missing ingredient is. A pulse. The song has always felt heavy on the emotions but somewhat lacking in the conviction department. J Biebs "Sorry" adds that element for me with its dance-pop nature.

To all of this, I say kudos to Cadence for making a song better, at least in my opinion.