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ISU Clef Hangers Deliver Plenty Of Passion In Vocally Alluring Cover Of Sara Bareilles' "Fire"

One thing that we can be certain of in this current environment that's full of uncertainty... a cappella will find a way.

Find a way of persevering, find a way to connect and most importantly, find a way to create music. And one such group who is using this time to supply us with "fiery" and emotionally hard hitting music is the Clef Hangers from Illinois State University.

The coed a cappella group has banded together virtually to deliver an exquisite cover of Sara Bareilles' "Fire" that is sure to light a spark within whoever listens. Similar to the original, the vocals carry an earthy tone and feel to them as the Clef Hangers depict the song's emotional weight in wonderful fashion.
The song's build is patient before completely erupting with intensity and passion as the a cappella group hits every big moment with gusto, felt especially in the chorus.

The song's pulse is molded by the stylish textures of the realistic percussion, created by a stellar VP, and contributed to by the creative arranging that makes the backing group sound incredibly rhythmic. 

It's a captivating experience that is laden with nuance, personality and honest vocals. Could you really ask for anything more?