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JHU Octopodes Display Intricate Riffs And Divine Harmonies In Video For "Piano Song"

If we're being honest, the Octopodes didn't need to go this hard on this cover. But they did!

The a cappella group from John Hopkins University treat our ears and our hearts to some of the smoothest singing you're probably going to stumble across all week with a delicious soulful rendition of Eryn Allen Kane's "Piano Song." And while much of the lyrics have the college group belting "but we try", they do so much more than this. 

If this is "trying" we'd love to see what going all out means.

The Octopodes delivery is so slick as they open the cover video with gentle vocal play, fusing rich tones with soft dynamics that build such a balanced sound. The group quickly transitions into a short break down section full of playful backing runs and harmonies that are full of vibrant color and personality.

And this is all within the first two minutes of the song!

It only gets better from here as the Octopodes completely lock-in on a tantalizing, full bodied sound complete with the most well-rounded bass, textured percussion, lively backing group and one phenomenal lead.
The college a cappella group is full of absolute all-stars who are great at keeping an audience hooked on every note, as the arrangement is so detailed and imaginative, displaying a wonderful build throughout the entire song all the way to the very last note.

But we'd be remised if we didn't give a special shout out to lead soloist Grace Tate who plays so many remarkable roles during the performance. From MC to vocal powerhouse to stunning cabaret artist, the level of talent is off the charts. She completely commands the performance with no hesitation, taking you on emotional highs and lows, whether it be with her jazzy scatting or incredible range.

The Octopodes are dishing out tasty soul candy and we are filling our pockets with as much as we can get!