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K-State's Cadence Releases New Single "Madness"

Blue Line Media Image

Our world may be plagued by a great deal of hardships, but the shining glimmer of hope that we can hold tight to is how much we are all coming together. Maybe not physically, but in our awareness of how much we need to connect and reach out to one another.

And that love and connection is being felt as artists from all over the a cappella community are taking this time to share the projects that they have been tirelessly working on. One of these projects is this newly released single from Kansas State University's Cadence. The all-male a cappella ensemble has just dropped their single for Muse's "Madness" and prepare for edgy vocals and electronic goodness.

The track pulsates with charged percussion and vocals that make it impossible not to feel the electric energy the group is disseminating. The song is high-octane from start to finish as each vocal line sells the rock performance.
Mix this with Cadence's lead soloist who goes the distance with his spectacular range and emotional storytelling and you've got a track that feels wonderfully conceptualized and delivered.

Check out their single in the player below!