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Leaps And Bounds Of Beautiful Harmonies In This Cover By The Opportunes

Nothing gets vocal music lovers more excited than listening to beautiful harmonies.

No, we're not simply talking about thirds above the melody, but the type of harmonies that cause you to tilt your head slightly and express "what was that" in complete satisfaction.

As of lately, one of the biggest vocal acts to come on the scene is the group Thirdstory. Chances are you've seen this trio, capable of delivering rich and full chords with minimal effort. Well, this cover of the group's song "Grows Old" by Harvard University's The Opportunes packs a similar punch.

It has a sentiment to it that cuts you down and brings you on the level of the Opportunes, which is a warm and honest place. By the end, you're reminding yourself to breathe. The song is touching to say the least.

See if you agree below.