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Lee University's Voices Of Lee Celebrates 25 Years Of Creating Astonishing Gospel A Cappella Music

25 years of continued existence is an impressive feat for any musical act. But when it comes to collegiate a cappella groups, who can often experience a divergence of goals, challenging bouts of turnover, and maybe even diminished support from a group's scholastic institution, making it a quarter of a century is downright commendable.

One group who continues to show their resilience and dedication to a unique musical focus, in terms of the collegiate vocal space, and who just so happens to be celebrating their 25th anniversary is Voices of Lee from Lee University.

Many will recognize the group's name from their time on the debut season of NBC's The Sing-Off, where they ultimately went on to place third among competitors.
Since then, the group has gone on to release multiple recorded projects, embarked upon numerous tours, performed at a presidential inauguration and even have a few of their performances go viral.

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One crucial element that separates the 15 member college a cappella ensemble from other groups is a passionate and sincere focus on gospel music. While it's not completely rare for collegiate a cappella ensembles to perform gospel or songs with a religious focus, you'd be hard-pressed to stumble across acts who are delivering it with the range and depth that Voices of Lee does.

For instance, their powerful and sensational cover of "What A Beautiful Name" went viral boasting an incredible view count of upwards of 50 million views.

With every new performance, Voices of Lee have shown that our community is in need of uplifting music that connects to listeners on a spiritual level, and no one seems better equipped to offer that than them. And this coming weekend, alumni members of the a cappella group will share the stage with current members for a 25th Reunion Concert at the Conn Center in Cleveland, TN.

For more details on the event, go here: Voices of Lee 25th Reunion Concert

In honor of this momentous occasion, here is the group's latest video release "Waymaker." In their newest video, the Voices of Lee display rich tones and an ethereal sound that's both powerful and gentle on the ears. The performance is full of dynamic moments with its heavy soul and gospel stylings, and grand vocal delivery. The message will simultaneously offer comfort and rejuvenate the soul.

Check out the performance below!