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License To Trill Captivates With Sensational Rock & Soul-Pop Set

This Wednesday night, License To Trill, a coed a cappella group from Texas Christian University will be our next featured host of "Aca Live." Having only been founded in 2015, the group is one of the newest on the collegiate a cappella scene, and as evidenced in the video below, they are managing to avoid the pitfalls that typically plague newer groups.

This past Spring, the group advanced to the ICCA Southwest Semifinals after taking second place at their regional quarterfinal. And the set that they showcased was quite brilliant.

The three song performance, featuring "Nothing Left to Say" by Imagine Dragons, "Don't Let Me Down" by The Chainsmokers and "Ride or Die" by Brayton Bowman, highlighted some of the most expressive and energetic singing ever to be dealt on an ICCA stage.
The group's three soloists not only commanded the stage, but did so with a genuine artistry that felt as if more was on the line than simply a first place finish.

This set by License to Trill was made even more remarkable by the fact that group's this young spend much more time figuring out their sound and style before diving into the competition space. What they were able to produce was awe-inspiring.

See for yourselves below.