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Listen As Berklee's On The Vox Stuns With This Carrie Underwood Cover In Today's #WCW

The aim of music should be to invoke some kind of feeling into the listener. Thankfully for us, On The Vox is making us feel quite a bit.

In the last few years, Berklee College of Music has seen a surge in the formation of a cappella groups. While each is unique, they all share one major quality, they all have a great deal of talent. Now, if you attend one of the top music colleges in the country, this is to be expected.

What was unexpected, is how touching and extraordinary this Carrie Underwood cover is by On The Vox. The lead is extremely confident with her delivery and the backing parts are as smooth as butter. It's as if you're listening to a studio album.

On The Vox, and specifically their talented soloist gets our vote for today's #WCW!