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Listen To UML's Hawkettes Deliver A Dynamite Cover Of This Meghan Trainor Hit

As most schools near the end of the academic semester, we tend to get a bit excited.

No, not because classes are ending and groups are parting for the summer, but because of Spring concerts. Meaning, we get hundreds of new concert videos to share with all of you. Yeah, here at CollegeAca we don't take summers off.

So, whether it's promo vids for Spring shows or full-fledged songs, be on the lookout for some exciting performances, including this one from the University of Massachusetts Lowell's Hawkettes. The group really brings the full weight of the original to their cover, with a great soloist and awesome flow of hip-hop behind some wonderful harmonies.

It's only a sample, but we're looking forward to more from their Spring show.