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Liven Up Your Monday With This New Music Video By BYU's Noteworthy

In case you were unaware, some of the best college a cappella groups are the biggest risk takers.

You may be asking, why would this make a GREAT group? Well, because there are thousands of college groups. And in order to leave a mark on the music scene, you have to venture where other groups aren't.

In the latest release from Brigham Young University's Noteworthy, the group takes a major risk by covering Marc Anthony's "Vivir Mi Vida." Now, this isn't the first salsa or latin cover on the college scene, but it's easily one of the biggest. Marc Anthony is a lively singer with insanely popular Latin music and it can be a real challenge to recreate that music space.

Somehow, BYU Noteworthy does that. What's most impressive is that the group decides to perform the track with the original Spanish lyrics. Break out the dance shoes and get moving with this upbeat Noteworthy hit!