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Mixed Mode Takes You On A Fantastical Synth-Pop Journey With Their Magnetic Performance Of "Technicolour Beat"

These are more than covers...they're re-imaginings.

We cannot stress enough how much contemporary a cappella has evolved well pass your typical song covers or open-mic night offerings. No, groups are offering so much more to the vocal arts and music community-at-large with their stylish iterations of today's music.

And you'd be hard-pressed, outside of ICCA, to find a culmination of such artistry and vocal prowess than at SoJam. The biggest a cappella competition in the south. That's because SoJam's competition format is based around themes. And this past year's second round theme of "Back to Your Roots" has provided us with quite the offering by the University of Central Florida's Mixed Mode.

The group recently released their second round performance of "Technicolour Beat" originally by Oh Wonder. Somehow, Mixed Mode has brought the future of music to 2018 with their alluring and emotionally complex take on the song.
The group perfectly describes our feelings on the video as they state their goal is "to create msuic that evokes a visceral reaction within the viewer." 

"Technicolour Beat" does just that with its beautiful tapestry of sound and colors (both vocally and aesthetically). Mixed Mode's leads are stunning as their voices are so attention-grabbing, possessing both a Billy Joe Armstrong and Tove-Lo like quality. The arrangement is incredibly artistic with surprises at every turn. Synth-pop and electronic can be extremely challenging to execute in a cappella, but Mixed Mode accounts for every detail with the backing group's long notes and overall contrasting and dynamic parts in each refrain.

It's a performance that's both felt and heard, and you'll want to keep returning for another listen.