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MSU's Ladies First Bring Impassioned Vocals To Cover Video For Billie Eilish's "Bellyache"

There's something so incredibly riveting about this new cover video of Billie Eilish's "Bellyache" by Michigan State University's Ladies First.

Perhaps it's the raw and surreal emotions the college a cappella group is infusing into their performance. Or maybe it's the trance like state the singing leaves the listener in due in part to the captivating layering of the vocals.

It's all of this and more that differentiates this cover video as one of the most unique renditions of a Billie Eilish song that you're bound to come across. 

Even from the start, Ladies First makes a profound vocal statement with their new video as the track exhibits slick editing, giving the performance an airy vibe through great use of reverb.
As the vocals flow in, you're hooked on the Indie track's dark and resolute tone demonstrating the vocal group's ability to delightfully warp your mind, bringing you into the musical space they're generating.

Ladies First also possesses an uncanny ability to conjure up a subtle exhilaration, through determined and intense singing, which continually builds over the course of the video. And every inch of the video visually explores this through drastic and varied scenes. Whether it be the group's impassioned interactions with one another or the way they play off the camera, "Bellyache" is a raging performance that's full of conviction in all facets.

Watch it below.