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Music Video Alert: The Bristol Suspensions Fuse Coldplay & Muse In This Artistic Mashup

More and more each year, a cappella music makes the case for why it deserves to be in the ranks among other popular genres that receive widespread attention.

College groups continue to deliver music that's of the same quality and production level as mainstream artists. It's not enough to deliver great sounding albums; groups must also appeal to visual aficionados. Hence, the emergence of more and more music videos.

And we're not talking about your cookie-cutter clips that were shot in a friend's backyard. No, really impactful projects. The Bristol Suspensions go far and above with their mashup video of Muse's "Madness" and Coldplay's "Magic." The setting fits the song's tone, and the inclusion of paints adds another texture to the story that just feel pure.