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No Comment A Cappella's Video For "Impossible" Is The Self-Esteem Boost That Your Day Needs

There's no force on Earth that can slow down the momentum and power of No Comment's vocals in this video cover of "Impossible."

The coed a cappella group from the University of Illinois demonstrates that impossible is nothing, especially when trying to recover from a broken heart in their latest performance of the hit song by R&B singer Shontelle. No Comment's sheer energy and vocal fortitude are seismic as they portray authentic emotions and pain through an incredible vocal arrangement that is unrelenting in its momentum.

Each section of the group's performance constantly propels the music forward, leading up to a major build-up which finally arrives at the 3:20 mark.

An assortment of praise is well-deserved for lead soloist Ramya Jaishankar. There is an incomparable level of conviction in her vocal delivery which simultaneously stuns, surprises, empowers and impresses. Her effortless display of power is truly uplifting.

And while we could sing of her praises all day, No Comment as a whole deserves an equal level of admiration.
The group's collective effort in performing a Pop/R&B cover with such precision and excellence is remarkable. It's exactly the type of song which we all need to feel confident in our ability to move past a difficult situation.

While the music will move you, the video concept is equally adept in conveying intense emotions as every frame depicts raw passion and a beautiful color scheme that internalizes every bit of what the listener is feeling. It's all a gorgeous project that gets so much right.

Take a listen in the video below.