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No Comment's New Video For "Freedom" Is Simply Infectious

Hot new dance track alert!

That's right, there's a serious party going down over at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and No Comment A Cappella are the culprits behind it. That's because their new video for Allen Stone's "Freedom" is HOT!

In the new dance-centered video, the group takes vocal energy to a whole new level with power vocals, one crazy cool arrangement, and an endless supply of dance moves. Every inch of the video is electric from its fusion of soul and rock vocal stylings all the way to production, which is slick and glorious.

The track's entire vibe spans multiple decades from 70s Disco to modern pop. It's a rocking performance that is sure to keep the party going all night long!

And the dance moves displayed in the video can be attributed to UIUC's ImagiNation dance group who add substance and make it all feel professional with their methodical and fluid dance moves.

The entire concept just works, creating one cohesive and fun video. Do yourself a favor and check out the video now!