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No Group Has Ever Received A Perfect Score at ICCAs, But 8 Years Ago The Socal Vocals Came Close

The ICCA is the biggest stage for competition in collegiate a cappella, and has a reputation for producing some of the most jaw-dropping performances in vocal music.

8 years ago the Socal Vocals (who currently hold the most ICCA wins) delivered what could be considered the perfect set. With the right balance of complexity in "All The Things You Are," swagger in "Feeling Good" and rock in "Somebody to Love" the group nearly acquired a perfect score. Alas, they did not achieve this near, impossible feat, but still settled for the highest scoring set in the history of the ICCA.

But years later we must never forget the sheer awesomeness that the Socal Vocals were able to exude in this award-winning set, and the immaculate and stunning rendition of "Somebody to Love" that they have left us with. Enjoy this Queen cover in today's #TBT.