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No Surprise That There's Power Behind This Christina Aguilera Cover By Yale's Out Of The Blue

The college a cappella scene may have one of the hardest objectives when it comes to being a successful performance groups.

While most other non-college groups, professionals, and even high school groups have parents, loyal fanbases, or just established adults with money, this isn't always the case with college groups. Typically, collegiate performers are trying to appeal to other college students who can be notorious for their selective music tastes, and even more importantly, being people with little money.

How does this play into college a cappella? Well, if you expect another college student to attend your shows, which aren't always free, then you better deliver quality entertainment. This doesn't mean that everything needs to be comedy hour, or aiming for Freddie Mercury vocals, but simply moving performances.
If nothing else, offer your audience a musical, or better yet, emotional journey.

In this cover of "Blank Page" (opb Christina Aguilera) performed by Yale's Out of the Blue, the lead is both captivating and full of emotion, which is sure to grab and hold the attention of any audience member.