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Northeastern University's Nor'easters Debut Winning Set From 2019 NACC Convention

At this point, if you're not a fan of the Nor'easters, then you simply don't like good a cappella music.

I know that it may sound a little harsh, but what's left to say about a group who continues to shatter the mold of what today's contemporary a cappella should sound like. The coed a cappella group from Northeastern University continues to push vocal boundaries with each new video release, each being more dynamic than the last.

And let's just say that it's no easy feat for a music act to continuously do that.

With the announcement of their first place win at the 2019 National A Cappella Convention in Memphis, Tennessee, we were on pins and needles, biding our time till we could catch a glimpse of what was sure to be a monumental performance.

Well, the wait is over!

The college a cappella group recently released the video to their award-winning set and it's as glorious as you could imagine. The three song set, which includes covers of Years & Years' "Karma", Florence + The Machine's "The End of Love" and Sam Smith's "Fire on Fire" is a performance of truly epic proportions.
The set is an absolute juggernaut delivering steady waves of climactic moments from start to end.

The Nor'easters don't simply sing, they perform and do it in thrilling fashion.

It's safe to say that the a cappella group has found the secret recipe to captivating an audience without the use of a single instrument besides the human voice. This entire video felt more like a Nor'easters' concert instead of a competition set. The electricity in "Karma" is palpable as the Nor'easters deliver one of the sexiest covers in college a cappella history, accented by sublime high notes from Anthony Rodriguez.

The group then transitions gracefully into "The End of Love" an expressive arrangement that will hold your spirit hostage with its endless range of emotion and high degree of complexity, which practically feels mystical. This is followed by the closer of all closers in the group's rendition of "Fire on Fire." What the Nor'easters accomplish with this song is incredible and transcendent as Aanu Fawole and the group's soul is on full display through their majestic vocal artistry, which the group exudes effortlessly through their mighty vocals.

These are the performances that you live for and we're here for all of this!

Check out the Nor'easters' winning set in the video below.