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NU's Pitch, Please! Raises The Bar For Powerful Vocal Performances In New Video For "My Mind"

This is real a cappella!

No fancy effects, no amplification, no tricks, just gut-wrenching vocals!

Northeastern University's Pitch, Please! has given us chills with their latest video release of YEBBA's "My Mind" and it is one emotional explosion after another throughout the entire video. 

What's even better is that it was recorded in a stairwell!

Yes! No microphones, no special lighting, nothing but the impressiveness of the human voice. And these ladies really know how to deliver an artistic experience. From the get-go, a beautiful tapestry of sound fills out the room as vocals are layered magnificently one after the other. And we're not talking simple pop chords. We're talking eerily satisfying complex harmonies and movements that leave you pondering, "what did I just hear?"

And if that's enough to hook you, than the raw power of Pitch, Please! will no doubt do the trick. Whether it's Lora Riehl's haunting lead vocals or the backing group's passionate and pinpoint accuracy in matching her energy, you will be stunned by this video.

Check it out below.