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"Old Town Road" Gets The A Cappella Treatment Courtesy Of The Boston University Treblemakers

Saddle up, cause this one here is gonna be good!

No matter your age, no matter your music affinity, we can all agree on one thing..."Old Town Road" is one infectious track. Penned by Lil Nas X, the Country Rap song has been steadily blowing up Billboard charts for the last few months. And with a newly released remix version featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, its appeal seems to be growing and reaching more and more music lovers everyday.

All of this has prompted one important question that's been on our mind for quite some time. And that is, why hasn't someone released an a cappella cover of the song?

Thankfully, the Boston University Treblemakers have come to the rescue!

In a newly released video, members of the coed a cappella group perform an impromptu version of the song that's filled to the brim with swagger and gusto.
While the performance is a condensed version of the hit track, it captures the rugged hip-hop and country goodness of the original song, with a heightened amount of energy.

The group's lead Luke Daly sells the country twang and persona flawlessly, and it's not due to the cowboy hat. His smooth low-end glides over the song's lyrics with confidence and style. And the group's backing singers deliver a well-rounded and full sound that perfectly matches the vibe and feel of their lead.

It's a performance that won't disappoint.