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One Note Stand’s Exhilarating Cover Of “Conscious” Is An Intense And Trippy Vocal Experience

A cappella music can often be a jovial treat, where pop performances or mainstream music can evoke a sense of comfort or happiness.

Other times, it can explore less popular music, sending the listener on a thrill ride full of surprises.

It is in the latter that we find ourselves with a tantalizing and trailblazing live performance by UT Austin's One Note Stand.

In the below video recorded at the 2019 Boston Sings Festival, the coed a cappella group from the University of Texas delivers a thrilling musical experience with their larger-than-life cover of "Conscious" by Broods. Within moments of the opening note, One Note Stand unleashes an array of creepy theatrics and a booming and earth-shaking sound in their interpretation of the industrial, electropop track.

The performance is utterly fascinating, unexpected and daring, and frankly, we couldn't love it anymore. In our modern musical climate, there are a great deal of popular songs that ride the line of safe and conventional to appeal to the masses.
Yet, One Note Stand refuses to play it safe and man does it pay off!

Whether you're a fan of zealous theatrics, electric dynamics, or even rock opera, you're sure to fall in love with this performance. And yes, you read that right...rock opera. Lead soloist Maha Haque's range is unreal as she belts out operatic stylings in the song's bridge that leaves her notes soaring into the stratosphere.

But the song really comes down to a group effort, as every member of One Note Stand fully commits to the performance. Whether it be their dedication to staying in character through group choreography, or their exactness in nailing every note and delivering a phenomenal blend, nothing is out of place.

This is a performance that you'll remember!