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OSU's Divine Showcases Beautifully Blended Harmonies And More In Post Malone Cover Video

The a cappella world needs more Post Malone covers, plain and simple.

It could be that we're still on a high after listening to this gorgeous interpretation of Post Malone's "I Fall Apart" by Oregon State University's Divine, but we honestly think there's no coming down.

Maybe it's the fluidness in Divine's transitions, or the ethereal sounding chords, but we're definitely toying with the notion that this cover may just be better than original. The OSU vocal group has taken a heavy hip-hop track and transformed into a hip, indie sounding jam that's current and laden with emotion. Don't believe us? Just pay attention to soloist Taylor Irvine who will hook you with her mesmerizing drawn out notes that are heavy and stunning.

And the group's harmonies are absolutely to die for! Both backing group and lead work perfectly in tandem.

With stylings that are a bit 90s soul, and influenced by a great deal of the current hip-hop, the song just feels warm and limitless crossing between so many beautiful realms.

It's the perfect video to get lost in.