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OSU's Outspoken & Divine Team Up For This Awesome Cage The Elephant Performance

There are two major benefits of college a cappella that separate it from other art forms: audience and no restrictions. 

When you think about the audience, college universities typically have thousands of students enrolled providing college groups with an available resource of concert attendees, located right where they create the music. Secondly, college groups, in more cases than not, are free to make their shows as creative, fun, and sometimes raunchy as they want. Why is this? Well, to put it simply, this is a college show. The audience should at least expect some adult content at these shows, mostly in regards to song choice and featured lyrics.

Regarding the whole no restrictions element, one of the best ways I've seen groups utilize this is by collaborating with other groups on campus. Sometimes groups who are on good terms may consider a "solo swap" like in the below video.
This is where one group will sing the backing parts to one of their signature songs, while a member of another group will step in and cover the solo.

In this cover of Cage The Elephant's "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked," Outspoken and Divine of Oregon State University combine for a dynamic rendition that is sure to keep the tradition of solo swaps thriving for years to come.