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Penn Counterparts Bring Remarkable Visuals And Strong Vocals To Ariana Grande/Nathan Sykes Mashup

We all know that mashups have a certain hypnotizing power that often delivers heavily on the best parts of multiple songs. But the Counterparts from the University of Pennsylvania have completely run away with this idea and have produced a conceptually sound, vocally fantastic, vividly shot music video.

The mashup by the coed a cappella group weaves together Ariana Grande's "Greedy" and Nathan Sykes' "Freedom" like a finely knitted holiday sweater. Often in these types of arrangements you can easily identify the musical breaks or transitions that permit the accompanying song to take center stage, but this song hardly features any of those instances.

The pop elements from both songs are well represented in the Counterparts' performance. The driving pulse of the intense rhythm from Sykes' "Freedom" is wonderfully felt from the playful bass and the sharp percussion.
Whereas the more colorful backing parts heard more in Grande's "Greedy" draws the listener in by the charismatic and talented backing singers of the group. 

Not to mention the visual elements are utterly striking as the Counterparts feature a bevy of colors, engaging players in the form of group members and perhaps the best wardrobes we've ever laid eyes on in a college a cappella music video. 

And the cherry on top is the riveting and energetic solo performance by Shiv Nadkarni who also doubles as the song's arranger.

Greed may ethically be a bad thing, but in the case of this video, we simply can't get enough.