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Pennharmonics Shine In First-Ever Music Video

While the Pennharmonics may be new to the world of music videos, they are in no way amateurs when it comes to producing a brilliant sound.

Back in May, the coed group from Penn State University debuted their first ever music video to Tall Heights' "Spirit Cold" and the finished product couldn't be any more impressive. The video highlights some great close-up shots of each individual member, along with some captivating scenery. This works extremely well for the tone of the song and the message centered on feeling alive.

And as a listener, you can feel both the life and energy through the group's polished and pristine vocals, which are powerful and expressive. There's a driving force through each verse and chorus that continues building throughout the entire song, keeping one hypnotized.

As first attempts go, The Pennharmonics have truly delivered an outstanding project.