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Pitch, Please Brings High Energy To This Exciting Bishop Briggs & Delta Rae Mashup

When groups step onto a stage a certain magic and transformation ensues. Most come to realize that they're embodying a different persona for the sake of the audience and when done right, the results can be exceptional.

In this mashup of Bishop Briggs "River" and Delta Rae's "Bottom of the River" we are treated to such a moment by Temple University's Pitch, Please. From the opening moment, the tone is dark and serious carried primarily by stomps and subtle layering. The indie, folk-rock final product is intense and incredibly engaging.

Pitch, Please are entertainers first and foremost as they transform from your everyday a cappella group into captivating artists with this creative message. The performance never wanes in the hands of their lead who steers the song with his strong indie vibe, backed by a soulful backing group.

And the entire video is elevated as the group inserts a stomp, clap breakdown that's exciting and passionate.

See what we mean in the video below.