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Pitch Slapped Is At Their Absolute Best With New Video Of Labrinth's "Jealous"

Here at CollegeAca, we do not play favorites when it comes to the various groups who are out there furthering the art form that we are not only dedicated to, but also passionate about. But, we can recognize consistent greatness when it presents itself.

This holds true of Pitch Slapped from Berklee College of Music. What's most impressive about the group, aside from the two ICCA Championships, hit albums, and multiple television appearances is how they consistently draw in incredible talent each year to maintain such an elite sound. The evidence is in the below video.

It's not enough for a cover to simply be good, it has to elicit an emotional response that keeps you returning to it, maybe even more than the original. Aside from originals, this is the best way for our art to stand out. 

Believe us when we say that this cover of Labrinth's "Jealous" by Pitch Slapped stands out in a major way. You'd be hard pressed to find an arrangement that compliments a lead the way this rendition does.
Here, the voices function more as a backing chorus than traditional instruments, which allows for all of the singers to have a beautiful ebb and flow effect based on how the lead navigates the song. We'll be the first to warn you, this performance is an absolute tearjerker.

You feel every ounce of what the soloist is dishing out. And in typical Pitch Slapped fashion, chords are lush, and tones are so pure only because Pitch Slapped is a group of A-list singers. I'm lead to believe that no other group could perform this arrangement the way that this group can.

We hope you truly enjoy this beautiful performance. For those, who are interested in a studio version, you can find this cover of "Jealous" on Pitch Slapped's brand new album Complexion.