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Pitch Slapped Serves Up Soul, Jazz, And Sweet Vocal Harmonies In New Video "Tints"

Pitch Slapped is bringing some serious heat to the aca-community, and its in large part due to their jazzy, hip-hop cover video to Anderson .Paak's "Tints."

Let's be honest, everything that Pitch Slapped touches is sure to turn gold, but lately the coed a cappella group from Berklee College of Music has been dishing out an extra heaping of zest. For months now, the group has been teasing fans with videos of multiple performances from their December 2018 Caf Show. Little did we know, these were actually live performances of songs that would be featured on their brand new album "Sincerely" which dropped on May 31st.

To further build on the excitement, Pitch Slapped released an official video to one of the album's featured songs "Tints."

The group is exceptionally slick in the new video, as they serve up major 90s feels from their outfits all the way to the vibrant party themes.
And while Pitch Slapped is phenomenal at offering up plenty of eye candy, they make sure to balance it all out with plenty of ear candy as well.

Pitch Slapped are musical pros as they execute a highly ambitious and complex arrangement, which boasts a wicked groove and a spectacular fusion of jazzy chords, polished harmonies and an impressive rap section. The group doesn't let a moment of the song go by without filling space with their music brilliance. And if you're into vocal runs, this video features some of the smoothest ones that have ever graced your ears.

Pitch Slapped continues to push vocal boundaries and "Tints" is clear evidence of this.

Check out the video below.