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Pitches & Notes Release Female Empowerment Album "Empower"

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In recent memory, very few albums come close to being as timely as "Empower."

That is because the brand new album released by the all-female a cappella group Pitches & Notes from UW Madison is a themed project that touches on an all too important topic, women empowerment.

In today's climate of #MeToo and recent events such as the Women's March, women are raising their voices and being heard in a truly inspiring and phenomenal way. And all of this has woven its way into the a cappella community. Just look at Pitches & Notes brand new project.

As a prominent vocal group on the UW Madison campus for the last eight years, Pitches & Notes has steadily worked to develop both their sound and identity in a way that the vocal arts community could take notice of. And their new album "Empower" is a testament to their growth, in many ways.

The six track album is a true musical force to be reckoned with, with its powerful theme, massive vocal delivery and creative arrangements.
The project is a nod to women empowerment and features tracks that invigorate the spirit and will ignite a fire within your soul. Three tracks worth noting are "Machine", "Praying" and "Power" which are all tracks featured in the group's 2018 ICCA set. The group's rendition of "Praying" will especially move you as it opens with spoken word highlighting statistics about sexual assault. It's a chilling performance that will leave you speechless.

If the group's message doesn't strike a chord within you, no doubt the sheer energy and vocal talent of the group will!

Track Listing

1. Machine
2. I Can't Make You Love Me
3. Power
4. Praying
5. This Is Me
6. Goodbye 

You can stream "Empower" at the following links: Spotify, Apple Music

Check out Pitches & Notes 2018 ICCA set below.