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Prepare To Get Lost In The AcaBelles' Emotionally-Gripping Vocals As They Cover The 1975's "Somebody Else"

The 1975 is a band that has been gaining some serious traction in the a cappella community as of lately. Groups have been dialing into the artistic depth that the English pop rock band exudes on so many of their tracks.

And their appeal is not simply limited to the European aca-scene, no, it has caught the attention of US-based groups as well.

In this newly released cover video by the AcaBelles from Florida State University, the all-female a cappella group display chill-inducing vocals with their rendition of "Somebody Else." While the video shows the AcaBelles performing virtually from various locations, their incredible sound couldn't be any tighter.
Their blend, harmonies and overall feel is simply majestic and gripping, leaving you in absolute awe of the group's skill and vocal capabilities.

The AcaBelles' transformation of the song's synth-pop stylings into a pop ballad full of elevated dynamics and emotions is mind-blowing! The arrangement is a wonderful fit for the group as they are able to capitalize on pivotal moments with ease while constantly riding the song's forward momentum.

From the tranquility of the song's opening to the balanced, yet captivating harmonies, everything is masterfully done. The AcaBelles singing displays grace, beauty, power and mystique in a way that you've probably never experienced and you cannot help but to sit back and let it wash over you!

Nothing more needs to be said other than watch this video now!