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Princeton Nassoons Blend Genres In Rocking Rendition Of Beatles' Hit

Some songs are simply timeless and whenever played, will have you longing for the classics of the past. And the Beatles' hit song "Got to Get You into My Life" is such a song.

Not only is the song full of life, layered with complexity, and a joy to listen to, but it is still being covered today. It's infectious vocals and rock stylings hold up in a way that have made this one of the all time greats.

And the Princeton Nassoons have put their a cappella stamp on it, making us fall in love with it all over again.

The all-male vocal group showcase an a cappella evolution right before our very eyes in their cover of the hit Beatles' song. The group demonstrates more of the purist approach as they open the song with classic, old-school style singing, finger snaps included. And it's all so fitting, full of energetic and warm vocals.

But things quickly switch gears as the group transitions into the second verse with a rocking, jazzy key change as the arrangement draws influence from the Earth, Wind & Fire cover.
The feel is more modern, complete with plenty of texture and smooth singing.

It's a great balance of old school meets new school, creating the perfect throwback.