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Queen's University All The Queen's Men Display Exquisite Singing In Debut Music Video For "Hide And Seek"

A group's debut music video is no easy feat.

For starters, it's the first opportunity for potential new fans to get to know your sound and see who you are as an artist. Once you've accepted this often intimidating reality, then comes the arduous process of selecting that oh so crucial song that will really show off your vocal and artistic range.

And while it can be nerve wrecking, many groups pull it off with ease.

One group that just managed to successfully do this is none other than Queen's University's All the Queen's Men. The all-male a cappella group from Kingston, Canada recently released their first-ever music video and it's a wonderful source of passionate and fine singing.

In their new video, the college a cappella group covers a popular staple in the a cappella community, Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek." While the song may have many commendable covers attached to it, All the Queen's Men bring a great deal of appeal to the song with their lush choral stylings and honest conviction. 

Each moment of the song's arrangement highlights All the Queen's Men skillful vocal control.
Whether it be the grand swells that carry the listener into the next refrain or the gentleness in dialing back the dynamics to emphasize the lyrics, each part of the song is special and can only be produced by a group that truly knows their sound.

But perhaps the key to the video's magic is in the group's knack for pacing, which is executed in the most delicate way to draw the listener in with unexpected wonderment. It makes the video standout in a way that is so different from others we have watched.

Enjoy the group's new video and be sure to give them a follow!