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Ready Or Not, Harmonyx Is Bringing You This Killer Fugees & Mario Winans Mashup

Music that leaves you mumbling sounds instead of coherent words is the best type of music.

We've all experienced that moment where you're watching a performance and a soloist was breathtaking, the sheer intensity of the performing group's sound was overwhelming, or some other feat was truly remarkable. In this mashup by the University of North Carolina's Harmonyx, the group demonstrates how they have some of the best harmonies and vocal acrobats around. In this fusion of hip-hop and RnB that combines the Fugees' "Ready or Not" and Mario Winans "I Don't Wanna Know," the song demonstrates a simple beat that leaves the group to add a lot of color and personality, culminating in something truly special.

Sit back and enjoy the ambiance that Harmonyx is laying down.