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Rip_Chord Delivers Crushing Emotional Vocals On Cover Of "Let's Hurt Tonight"

While pain is temporary, when it hits, it can feel as if the wounds are everlasting.

And in this new cover video of OneRepublic's "Let's Hurt Tonight" by Rip_Chord, the group's performance conveys that exact notion.

The gentlemen from Elon University are back with a new video that's laden with intense heartbreak and emotional vocals that will no doubt ripple throughout your body as the track plays out. Set to a video backdrop of a couple facing times of joy and moments of distress, Rip_Chord delivers a vocal performance that's ripe with sincerity, anguish and so much pain.

It's not often that you see a vocal interpretation of a song that's so real and authentic with its portrayal of true heartbreak. Yet, Rip_Chord executes it perfectly, made possible by the group's larger-than-life dynamics, powerful and cohesive blend, and one truly magnetic lead delivery.

That's right, lead soloist Trevor Jones is spectacular as he belts out with great conviction, the agony and torment of what it means to hurt.
And he does so in glorious fashion, using soulful runs and a musical force that only comes from the deepest pits of one's soul, to make you believe that this is more than just temporary heartache.

Trust us when we say that this performance will linger on within you for quite sometime after the initial listen.