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Rowan Vocals Debut First Ever Music Video For "Saturn"

When it comes to major accomplishments for musicians, very little compares to your very first self-produced music video.

Outside of a group's first studio recording or live performance, there's little that shapes a group artistically like a full-fledged, crafted video. It's the opportunity to make your mark on the digital world for all to see and a chance to win over new viewers. And the Rowan Vocals from Rowan University are definitely on their way with their new video for Sleeping At Last's "Saturn."

What's impressive is not only Rowan Vocals' ability to dynamically create such a serene, emotional and compelling performance through video, but to also produce such solid vocals.
And the vocals are truly the highlight as the melody from the lead gently floats over the well-balanced group sound, which is packed with gentle tones and full chords.

Each moment is set wonderfully to a beautiful backdrop of outdoor shots.

And the Rowan Vocals go even further giving the viewer behind the scene shots that showcase the group's personality and process for constructing the video. 

As far as debut videos go, Rowan Vocals have plenty to be proud of.