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Rowan Vocals' Performance Of "The Heartburn Song" Delivers BIG On Soul

Let's be honest, some things are just unavoidable after the holidays.

Initially, regret from all the food you consumed is one, and new a cappella videos from Fall concerts is another that comes to mind. Fortunate for us, we have the perfect mixture of both that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

That's because the Rowan Vocals (RoVo) of Rowan University are gifting us a late holiday gift with an exciting cover of Lawrence's "The Heartburn Song."

The title may be throwing you for a loop, but after listening to the video for last than 30 seconds, your mind will be put at ease. Simply put, the song heats things up with its quick beats, thumping groove, and soulful singing done in part by two wonderful soloists.

RoVo turns back the hand of time with some old-school jammin' that's big on substance and craftiness. The coed a cappella group trades in amplification, fancy tricks and other elements that have become a staple in overdone, modern a cappella for a flawless delivery of a well-crafted arrangement.
The group's balance and sound is remarkable as they feed off the energy of one another to execute a top-notch performance.

This is a classy, superstar performance...and we need more of it.