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See Just Duet's Awe-Inspiring Rendition Of Muse's "Madness"

There are only two things, without a doubt, that you can count on when it comes to a cappella music. One, groups will perform Billy Joel's "For The Longest Time" until the end of time, and two, no two covers are ever the same. 

Let's focus on the latter.

In 2012, Muse released their six studio album The 2nd Law featuring a massively successful hit track titled "Madness." The song saw some commercial success, including a Grammy nomination in the following year. Fast forward a few more years and the song has seen a resurgence like no other, spawning an endless stream of covers.

Fast forward to September 2017. Miami University's Just Duet releases a cover video of the track that's far and away one of the best renditions we've ever come across. The production, by Liquid 5th Studios, has a lot to do with the extremely polished sound, but at the end of the day, these kids can just flat out sing.
To add even further to the praises, there's an interplay between the backing vocals, which helps the arrangement to sound completely original and create an enticing musical experience.

This is what's great about a cappella, its ability to surprise you with each new cover no matter how many times you've been exposed to a particular song. It also helps when your lead vocalist has a rich timbre that's both soothing and commanding all at the same time.

Don't just take our word for it. See for yourselves below.