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"Singing Community" Takes An In-Depth Look At The Yale A Cappella World

A Cappella has really taken off over the last few decades, and with it, we see the emergence of a unique culture.

Once upon a time, Greek organizations such as fraternities and sororities were the all too common standard of student life. Well, this standard is still fairly prominent, but the emergence of collegiate a cappella is slowly starting to find its way into the mix.

"Singing Community" is an online essay series that is taking a deeper looking into the rise of such collegiate groups, specifically at Yale University. If you were unaware, Yale boasts 15 a cappella groups, one of the biggest collegiate hubs of a cappella in the country.
In this essay series, Sarah Weiss, of the Department of Music at Yale, applies ethnomusicology as she explores the formation of such groups, "in particular their meanings to their members and those who observe them" as well as looks to involve students in every aspect of the research process.

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